Tuesday, October 16, 2012

B.A.P 3rd Comeback! Yeah Baby!!

I can't believe it! It's already B.A.P's third album! B.A.P I salute you! Hahaha XP. Anyways... I was thinking how can 6 guys have soo much stamina? They have been promoting and promoting and now... 3rd album! And they are just rookies! TS Entertainment... Can you please, pretty pretty please let our boys have a rest after they're done with the promotion for the album? Not just a one month rest.. But a relly long rest and then have a comeback that will shock everyone! 

Anyway according to TS Entertainment, that the concept of the images is ‘hipster’, stating, “We hope that they will lead a new culture that the public wants this time as well with the ‘hipster’ concept.” The word ‘hipster’ traces back to America in the 1940s, and is a word used to describe people who do not follow the general public trend and make their own styles. Before the song will be released on the 23rd, the remaining B.A.P members will be paired for their own teaser release.

And here are the boys!

Yongguk is wearing a viking-style helmet with a hockey-style mask, giving the camera his trademark playful smirk. 

Himchan (Omo! Is that you Himchannie oppa?)

Daehyun, nicknamed the ‘Busan Won Bin’ due to his looks, is wearing a spangled hoodie along with boxing gloves. Even though only one eye is fully visible, his gaze is intense, showcasing a completely different look from Yongguk’s playful aura. Daehyun’s cape was made by the same designer as the sparkly sweatsuit from the drama ‘Secret Garden‘.

Youngjae (Ooh! Isn't he mysterious?)

Jongup (Isn't he hot?) Hehehehe

Zelo (and some says he looks like G-Dragon!)

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