Saturday, October 27, 2012

2012 Best K-pop!

I know I know... It's still October... But I just can't wait... Haha... I feel like 2012 is the year of K-pop.. Lots of debut and lots of comeback! For instance, B.A.P, MBLAQ, NU'EST, INFINITE, BLOCK B and so much more... Just click on the song title or any title if you want to take a look at them.

Okay... First off is T-ara's Lovey-Dovey. You gotta check it out. The song is nice and fun. You could dance to it... Even if you don't know the dance steps. There are two versions of it, the drama version and the zombie version. K-pop Music Mondays.... Ehem.. Simon and Martina, did a review for this song. Check it out. T-ara Lovey Dovey-K-pop Music Mondays. Also not forgetting Day By Day and Sexy Love. Well both did not make it to K-pop Music Mondays.. 

Next is MBLAQ's This Is War. What do I have to say?? AWESOME! Awesome video? Check! Awesome song? Check! Awesome guys? Check! I love how they mash up both classical and pop... Nice~ Check it out in K-pop Music Mondays. MBLAQ This Is War-K-pop Music Mondays.

And.... Now.. Is B.A.P with their debut song Warrior. It's cool and 'explosive' for a debut group. Most debut groups have their debut videos with cute cuddly videos. But not B.A.P! They're all blonde in this video, so it's kinda confusing... But not if you're a BABY! No.. I seriously mean it... B.A.P's fandom is called BABY... Hehehe... B.A.P Warrior- K-pop Music Mondays. Apart from that, B.A.P already have their 3rd album this year... Speak about a rookie... They cameback with Power, No Mercy, Crash and Stop It. 

Don't forget NU'EST. They debut this year too... With their debut song Face! And comeback with Action. NU'EST too, have quite an explosive debut. These two songs did not make it into K-pop Music Monday, but all I can tell you is, Fce is all about bullying in school and Action is about shouting towards freedom, individuality and dream.

Don't forget BLOCK B with NalinA and Nillili Mambo. Well, BLOCK B has their very own style... I'm not sure what it is, but I like it. Kekeke... Gosh now their chorus of the song is stuck in my head! Nali nali nali nalina~ Is it just me or what but Jae Ho really looks like Kiseop from U-kiss. NalinA- K-pop Music Mondays , Nillili Mambo- K-pop Music Mondays

Whoa, EXO! Well EXO is just... Whoa... Sure is one of my favourite group. EXO is broken down into 2 groups, EXO-M and EXO-K. They debut with their song Mama, History and What Is Love. All these songs are in two languages, Korean and Chinese. Mama and What Is Love made it into K-pop Music Mondays, but not History. Mama-K-pop Music Mondays , What Is Love-K-pop Music Mondays

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