Saturday, October 27, 2012

2012 Best K-pop! Part 2~

Continue with my last post. Well we can't forget SHINee too~ Since they're my first K-pop music. SHINee cameback with Sherlock after a long rest after Lucifer. And not long later, their Japanese album with Dazzling Girl. Sherlock-K-pop Music Mondays

Now, U-Kiss. U-Kiss have their comeback with Dora-Dora and after that Believe and not long later with Stop Girl. Dora-Dora looks cool with the rotating room but I'm not so sure about Believe. I mean the song's catchy and all... But it looks wrong. Dancing in a tunnel... I.... *sigh* U-Kiss.... I still love you guys....Stop Girl in the other hand, grab my attention! Actually it's because of Eli's hair! Kekekeke... U-Kiss Dora-Dora- K-Pop Music Mondays , U-Kiss Believe - K-Pop Music Mondays , U-Kiss Stop Girl- K-pop Music Mondays. 

Big Bang! Whoohoo! Big Bang sure is active this whole year. They've got Blue, Bad Boy, Fantastic Baby, Monster and.. Whew too much! Not to say with G-Dragon's Crayon, Big Bang is so active this year. Songs after songs... Guys, get some rest will ya??  Crayon- K-pop Music Mondays , Fantastic Baby- K-pop Music Mondays. 

Here comes anothe girl group! f(x)! f(x) comeback with Electic Shock which sure is shocking! Kekeke... It's very addicting once you've heard it. Did I mention that Sulli is acting in a drama?? No? Well here I've said it, she is acting in a drama with SHINee's Minho titled "To The Beautiful You." Not bad huh? Electric Shock- K-pop Music Mondays. 

SECRET! Whoo... I'm not telling you a SECRET.. The next group is SECRET! SECRET comeback with their sexy images for POISON. This I can totally tell you... It blew me away! WOW! I mean WOW! I can't believe my own eyes! SECRET, you guys are my favourite girl group now~ Sadly it did not make it into K-pop Music Mondays. But it's alright~ 

Next is PSY! Oppa Gangnam Style! Come on... If you don't know the song you're totally living under a rock or something! Gangnam Style's Youtube views grew quickly than you could say " Jiminy Crickets!" Here's the review for that! PSY Gangnam Style- K-pop Music Mondays

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