Saturday, October 27, 2012

2012 Best K-pop! Part 3~

INFINITE~~ Can't forget them! INFINITE cameback with their new song The Chaser. The song was cool, the video was cool too! Wth the flying+rotating car... Whoa Sungyeol really amazed me with his serious expression... Seems like he's more handsome that way! Kekeke The Chaser did not get into K-pop Music Mondays... But we all know that the song and the video was great right INSPIRITS?? XD

Super Junior!! Haha... ELFs you guys should know it right?? Super Junior had their comeback with Sexy, Free and Single and Spy.  I don't really know much because I'm not really an ELF. Both of these songs made it into K-pop Music Mondays. Who am I kidding? Super Junior always made it into K-pop Music Mondays! ^.^ Sexy, Free and Single- K-pop Music Mondays , Spy- K-pop Music Mondays. Well I think they're having another comeback in November! 

B2ST cameback too this year. With Beautiful Night. The English is kinda weird somehow... At first I thought I heard "I lost my money~" and " I have nobody~".... *Awkward*.... Anyway, nice song! It's catchy! Here! Beautiful Night- K-pop Music Mondays

Well... Seriously... Too many comebacks this year... There are more than these that I have post. For example, Hyuna with Ice Cream, C-Clown with Solo, BoA with Only One, B1A4 with Baby I'm Sorry, FT Island with Severely and I Wish, 4 Minute with Volume Up, TaTiSeo with Twinkle, 2NE1 with I Love You, Teen Top with Be Ma Girl and so much more! 

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