Friday, September 20, 2013

Fanfics and more fanfics

So about my last two fanfics... It didn't quite work as I thought it would because DAMN IT I KEEP RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS! Lol calm down... So I have 2 more and I have made a mistake. I should have wait till finish one of the fanfics I already have, but NOOO! said my brain. No, have another 2 to help boost your brain. WTF ok so here, I'm trying to somehow "promote" my fanfics.

So my first and second one is titled "You Are The Only One, My Only One." and "Always There For You.". I won't lie, but I find it quite boring. You know, the same old same old thing that you read everyday. And then there's the new two.

  • I Am A Monster


The characters are Oh Sehun, Kai, Kim Sooro and my original character-Kim Haera. The story starts with Kim Haera's thoughts and then move on to a flashback of a conversation with her mum. The story then expands much to what exactly happened to her and she and Sehun tried to solve this.

Click on that link above to read Chapter 1. Hope you'll like it!

  • My Personal Handsome Warrior   

The characters are Daehyun, Baekhyun, Zelo, Yun, and a few more original characters create by me. The story starts with a scene of ancient Korea and then expands more to the modern world and then back to the ancient times. 

Click that link above to see the foreword and also the first chapter.

I really hope that you guys would like my fanfics, even though it might be boring at the beginning but overall, just enjoy! XD

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