Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sick and Tired Of This Shit.

Okay, fanwars, fanwars. fanwars. I am sick and tired of these fanwars. (Note: I am not trying to bash any fandom and I'm trying not be biased.) I have just read the newest "scandal" or "issue", whatever... About B.A.P's Badman copying Shinhwa's We Can Get It On. I have read some of the comments and wow... Those so called "fans" of each fandom are seriously rude.

I am not bashing, I'm just saying.

I have heard the Shinhwa's song and B.A.P's song as well, and I found that it is completely different. The feels, the lyrics, the meanings are completely different. Maybe some of the beats and notes are the same, but that doesn't mean that B.A.P copied them. I respect Shinhwa as one of the legends of K-pop and I love B.A.P with all my heart, I really don't want fanwars to be created because of this.

Reading the comments in the article really breaks my heart. It made me realise that B.A.P have so much haters, and most of them are EXOtics. Don't get me wrong, I am too, a hardcore EXOtic. I have posters of EXO and B.A.P in my room, I have chains and mousepads of EXO and merchandise of B.A.P, but what bothers me is, why can't the two of this fandom get along? Side note, I know some Apink fans might be angry because some shithead of TS Ent just drag Apink and SES into the issue and you guys hated it. But still, there's no use of hating B.A.P because it's not their fault, they just merely wrote the LYRICS and sung it with the song TS gave them.

Back to EXOtics, I have a confession to make, I think that EXOtics are one of the worst fandom out there. I'm sorry to say this but yes, the worst. The airport incident in China really left me in confusion, do these so called "EXOtics" really love EXO? If they do? Why hurt them? I know, I know, some of you might say that this is an incident that has happened so long ago but still... They are rude to Babys and B.A.P, calling them names and stuffs. Saying that EXO is better that B.A.P and B.A.P copied EXO, Big Bang and blah blah blah. Really?

First of all, EXO's concept might be a little same with B.A.P's concept (Mato Planet, EXO Planet) but their music style is completely different. B.A.P likes to try new things, new genre of music, and EXO is EXO, they are both special in their own ways. Saying B.A.P copy Big Bang is totally crazy, I love Big Bang especially Daesung but, ehem, Big Bang did not invent that badass concept or the hip hop concept. So please, stop saying B.A.P is trying to copy anyone, because they are special. Stop giving B.A.P so much hate... They deserve to be famous, they deserve to idols. They have just debuted last year and look, how many comebacks do they have already, how many albums do they have already. They even have their concert tour this year and from what I know, they only have 2-4 hours of sleep every day. Right after their concert ended in Singapore, they immediately flew back to Korea to perform to music shows, why? Because they love us, Babys, they miss Babys, especially the Korean Babys.

Second of all, I seriously think that B.A.P and EXO are friends rather that rivals. Suho and Himchan went to the same school don't they? And from fancams I saw that EXO members are dancing to B.A.P's music and during the 2013 Idol Sports Championship, everyone have seen how close Daehyun and Luhan got because of snacks. I think they don't think each others as rivals but as friends.

And to some of the K-netizens, I would pretty much want to curse now, but I won't. Please, please I beg you guys, stop creating unnecessary fanwars and stop trolling people around. What's the point of even creating fanwars? It only hurts the idol. For example, SNSD getting a black sea? Why? I don't really understand. What are the benefits you get from creating fanwars? Pride? Glory? Money? No! You get nothing but to make people think that you're just jealous of the other fandom and you just made your own fandom looked bad, really bad.

Not only that, the Block B incident in Thai gave me a shock too. Block B was wrong to say thing like that but still, they are human too. They are still young and immature yet. What happened to their maknae P.O really hurts my heart. He was 19. And he was diagnosed with something that will definitely leave a scar to him forever. And as well to the Block B members. Are anti-fans really that heartless? Is that necessary?

Back to my point of B.A.P and Shinhwa... So, does it really matter? To all haters, no matter who do you hate, Shinhwa, B.A.P, EXO, SHINee, SNSD or what. I only have 3 words to say to you, Haters. Gonna. Hate! Deal with it! I really love B.A.P and I don't wish that this will be the reason they are doomed. They are such talented people with their own charms and I really love them. Each and everyone of them is so charming and they are always so humble. Besides, from what I think, this is not even their fault! Please, B.A.P just debuted last year and they have a long way to go...

I have one last thing to say, please, stop hurting the idols. There are no benefits in hurting them. Like I said before, I am not hating, I am not bashing anyone and I might seemed a little bias but this is the truth. I love B.A.P, EXO, Big Bang, SNSD, SHINee and I respect Shinhwa and the other fandoms, so why can't you too? I don't hate other groups, even if I dislike a group or someone in a group, I don't go around bashing them or ask them to kill themselves.... I just don't listen to their songs and move on with my life. So word of advice to all basher, trolls, hater, don't go around ruining other people's bias, how do you feel if someone ruin your bias. Think about it.

Idols are human too, they are not perfect. Humans make mistakes....

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