Tuesday, August 6, 2013

SHINee Facts

Okay! It's time for some SHINee facts!

-On day off's, Taemin would sleep longer than most of the members. When he sleeps, he will unconsciously undress himself and kick everything down the bed but when he falls into a deep sleep, he won't move and resembles a dead person. And when he's sharing a bed with the other members, he will use their arms as pillows.

-Key is known as the night owl of the group as he is always staying up late. He grinds his teeth in his sleep and he sleep talks.

-Jonghyun sleeps with his eyes slightly open, this annoys the members as they do not know if he is actually sleeping or is he awake. He too, sleep talks.

-Minho talks the loudest in his sleep which will always disturb the others. The chances of him remember the conversation with the other members during sleep talk is most unlikely. The longest time that he had slept before is as long as 48 hours.

-Onew has to sleep in total darkness. He pulls the blanket over his head and will always wake up hot and sweaty. He moves a lot in his sleep and often rolls into the other members' bed. He is the most difficult person to wake up in the morning.

-If Jonghyun were to cook a dish for the members, he would cook omelette for Onew as his breakfast. And since Minho eats a lot, fried rice for him. Luxurious cereal for Key as he is very picky with food and he thinks that instant ramen is enough for Taemin.

-Key almost cried everytime Onew scare him at the dorm. Onew will pat his shoulders from the back and Key will scream at least four times a day.

-No matter what they talk about, they would always end up talking about music with Jonghyun.

-Jonghyun and Minho likes to sleep topless... Even during winters.

-All the members are Christian.

-All the members sleeptalk.

-Key speak Japanese well while Minho... Well not very.

-Taemin and Onew would always practice together on the rooftop during trainee days.

-According to Onew, Jonghyun secretly cares about the people around him.

-Minho is very cautious about what he says, that's why he doesn't talk much.

-Minho glares at the step if he trips.

-Taemin is the most forgetful among the members.

-Taemin is a very clumsy person. He always drop stuff.

-SHINee is the first Korean artist in Japan to have 200,000 attendees in their first Japan arena tour.

-Jonghyun would like to go to the hot springs with Key.

Jonghyun and Key would like to go to the Tokyo Disneyland and the Universal Studios Japan.

-When they are dieting, SHINee won't eat after 7pm.

-Onew gave Taemin his first direct vocal lessons.

-All of them love watermelon juice.

-Onew thinks that a true man should't lie.

-Taemin like to climb everywhere when he was younger. His parents were so scared when he jumped down.

-During trainee days, Minho would show a picture of Taemin to his friends and ask them whether if he's cute.

-In Las Vegas, SHINee got thrown out of the casino because Jonghyun tried to fit himself into a machine and got stuck.

-Jonghyun is willing to accept the age gap up to 6 years.

-Onew once froze in a fanmeeting, telling the fan that he forgot how to sign but then he remembered it and sign it.

-According to Jonghyun, Minho is good at every game as long as it involves a ball.

-Onew usually don't look at the comments or articles and bulletin boards regarding to SHINee on the internet.

-Jonghyun was shocked when he first saw Key dancing to Miss A's "Good girl, Bad girl".

-Jonghyun believes that Donald Duck is another species of Onew.

-Onew knows how to do the impersonation of Donald Duck.

-Taemin once did a Donald Duck impersonation but got chased out of the kitchen by Jonghyun and Onew because they said that it was not the same.

-Onew's takkbam hurts like hell.

-Jonghyun admitted that once he threw his father's handphone out of the house and told it to fly.

-Before Minho debuted with SHINee, he was a model.

-There was a time when Onew introduces himself as Sundubu Onew.

-Taemin once added honey to Minho's ramen and Minho just told him that it wasn't right to do that.

-Once Minho got the lyrics wrong and he cried in the make up room while Taemin accompanied him.

-Minho will invite his girlfriend on the first date to play soccer because he want to show his soccer skills.

-SHINee likes it when fans make GIFs about them.

-Key allows only Taemin to call him umma.

-Onew says he has a bad stamina and Minho strongly approves of it.

-Key threatened Jonghyun not to come back to the dorm if he did not won Immortal Song.

-Onew once got mad bacause SHINee lost to MakBanShi (Maknae's Rebillion)

-Taemin started dancing during 3rd grade.

-According to Minho, during the SM the Ballad promotion time, Jonghyun would practice singing so loudly that he could even hear it from the toilet.

-SHINee and MBLAQ are close friends, they used to live next door to each other.

-Jonghyun said that if Taemin was a detective, he'll probably arrest an innocent person.

-The member says that Taemin eat a lot but he never gets fat.

-Minho's dad doesn't want him to be a singer at first but Minho studied hard and got good results and his dad let him go for the auditions.

-According to the members, once Minho's brother apologised to Minho because his voice sounded like "it;s coming from his feet".

-Taemin only takes about 5 minutes to get dressed in the morning.

-Key gets angry when his members don't eat his food.

-Onew thinks that Key is a bad person because he doesn't like to eat chicken.

-Jonghyun is the most active one and Minho is the most athletic one.

-Minho gave his brother the car he won from Dream Team to his brother as a gift.

-Onew is a blood type O, Jonghyun is AB and Key, Minho and Taemin are all B.

-Jonghyun says that once he stared crying he couldn't stop because he keeps thinking of other things that make him cry more.

-Key writes his mistakes in his diary everyday.

-If Minho could be a female celebrity he wants to be f(x)'s Sulli, and Onew says he want to be 2NE1's Dara.

-Minho and BoA once watch the World Cup together.

-Minho will always mistook other people's jokes as a serious matter so the members have to let him know that they were all joking.

-Onew is very close to MBLAQ's Lee Joon. Taemin is very close to EXO's Kai.

-Minho works out to relieve stress and Onew sleeps to relive stress.

-The members think that Minho looks the best without make up.

-Taemin would take Key to a dessert island to him because he is useful in many ways.

-Minho felt honoured that his first dating rumour was TVXQ's Changmin.

-Taemin once made Jonghyun eat a paper cup.

-Once Key bought a snail back to the dorm during a rainy day.

-Onew felt like a bad boy when they were fliming Lucifer.

-During the trainee days, the members doesn't understand Onew's joke but now they'll understand it immediately.

-According to Minho, Jonghyun has grown older but he's getting more and more cute.

-Minho thought that Taemin was older than him when they first met.

-Once Onew fell asleep on the sofa after staring at his phone for a long time and when Minho went and peek at his phone, it turns out that Onew had been staring at a picture of fried dumplings.

When Jonghyun first bought his dog-Roo into the dorm the first night, Roo pooped on Minho's bed  and Jonghyun felt bad about it. So he let Minho name the dog and out of anger Minho just said:" He's not that impressive, just call him Roo.".

-Taemin used to carry a bag containing a lot of sweets around. All those sweets had a SHINee logo attacted to the wrapper and he would give out the sweets whenever he saw noonas.

-Key's Daegu accent slips out whenever he gets excited about something.

-Once Minho's school hired and American teacher for English classes and since none of the kids could speak in English, they just kept quiet. But Minho was excited and started putting together the few words that he knew in English like "Hey yo, whatcha been doing, I'm thinking about you baby." and the teacher thought that he was having a mental breakdown so he send him to the nurse's office.

-When Onew was younger, he went to a CD game shop just to play games for free. But at the end he bought the game because he felt bad about it.

-Taemin's dream when he was a child was to protect Earth.

-When f(x) was fliming for "Amazing f(x)", Minho called Sulli not knowing that she was filming. This could mean that they call each other often.

-When Key was younger he had a fight with a flight attendant because he wanted another piece of bread but they wouldn't give it to him.

-Once DBSK and SuJu made a prank on Onew by pretending to fight with each other. Onew stopped them while crying.

-Taemin got bullied in high school after SHINee's debut.

-Onew smiles a lot usually so Taemin thought that he looked strange when he was serious.

-Jonghyun was in a band in junior high school. His position was bassist.

-When Minho got bad grades in school, he would hide himself in the washing machine when he was little and when his mother opens the lid, she would freak out to see her son sitting in there.

-Taemin used to wear headphones not attached to anything because he couldn't but a mp3 player.

-According to SHINee, Onew always gets a hotel room for himself while the others share rooms.

-Taemin once lied to Key saying he will sleep at home instead of the dorm but when Key asked Taemin did he sleep well at home, Taemin's mother said that Taemin wanted to sleep at the dorm and was not at home.

Credits to: Admins of SHINee's fan page on Twitter and Instagram! XD

Okay that's all! If there are facts about any group you would want to know, feel free to tell me in the comments!


  1. I really enjoyed these facts. Especially when they were about Key c: I was smiling when reading them.

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  3. I want to know if they had any relationship before? Who are they?

  4. I was actually shock that Taemin was getting bullied after Shinee's debut. Oh my gosh...