Friday, October 25, 2013

My First Impression of K-pop Boy Bands

So, there are my first impressions that I have on a few boy bands when I first saw them


My friend introduced me to SHINee and it all started. She asked me to watch the music video of Ring Ding Dong and also Hello Baby so I did.

Ring Ding Dong: Oh so many people dancing. Ah, a guy in blonde. Okay.. What are they singing about? What is this? Oh... Ah... Oohhh... So basically I was attracted to guys singing and dancing at the same time. 

Onew: Oh he looks cute! Wait, he's the leader? He doesn't look that bad ass though, too cute.
Jonghyun: Look a blonde! Wow, powerful vocals he had there. And I thought he was the leader.
Key: He looks like a diva. Maybe he is a diva. (Yes, he really is a diva.)
Minho: Why is he constantly making sexy faces towards the camera? Doesn't matter, he looks bad ass though.
Taemin: Wait is he..? Is he drinking milk? Why is he drinking milk? What? Oh but he sure can dance!


I just went on Youtube randomly and saw This Is War and in curiosity I clicked it and watched till the end. I cried though.

Seungho: Those lips!
G.O: Whoa damn those vocals!
Lee Joon: Handsome! Wait, he died? Noooooooooo
Thunder: He looks like someone in 2NE1! Wait, let's see... He's Dara's brother! Whoa...
Mir: Aggressive! I like his rap! Wait, he looks like Hongki haha.


The first music video I watch is Paradise though. So everything is based on Paradise.

Sunggyu: Why am I seeing him everywhere? Oh wait, that's not him. Huh? Oh it's him again. 
Dongwoo: He look so serious. He must be the leader and he raps.
Woohyun: OMG he looks like SHINee Jonghyun! And his vocals asdfghjkl
Hoya: I think I like you!
Sungyeol: Hey there. You seems like you're lost.
L: He's cute! I think I'm in love. How can someone look so handsome?
Sungjong: Is this even legit! He looks like a girl more that I do! Whoa magic!


I overheard some of the seniors talking about this new power rookie last year. So I went and check them out. And I fell in love with Warrior in an instant.  But actually the first thought I had was, why are all of them blonde? I can't figure out who's who now!

Yongguk: Why does he sound so grumpy? But ooohhh look at them muscles.
Himchan: Wait, is that Lee Joon? No it's not. Badass!
Daehyun: Damn those high notes! How can he even do that?
Youngjae: I like his fluffy hair.
Jongup: Whoa, dancing machine!
Zelo: And he has ramyun hair! Whoa at that rap, is he even rapping or he's just talking gibberish? 

So I watch EXO's MAMA in both version and seriously I'm like whoa. What is this? the power of SM! The intro really awe me and leave me blank, staring at the laptop screen. I really like the intro and the whole song.

Suho: Whoa, he looks like a bad boy. Totally checking him out.
Baekhyun: That eyeliner! And the way he sings! I have a thing for main vocals.
Chanyeol: Now I would want his powers.
D.O: He looks... tiny. And those eyes, those eyes...
Kai: Look at that centre guy. That sexy dance machine.
Sehun: I think he is my bias in EXO-K now. He looks like Wu Chun a little here.

Xiumin: Chubby! I think he's Korean. Not really sure because their pronunciation is perfect. (I'm Chinese, so I know if their pronunciation is correct or not.)
Luhan: Is he Korean? Definitely maknae of the group, he looks like an ulzzang.
Kris: Is he even Chinese? Or Korean? I think he's a mix-blood. Okay... I'm in love. Look at that perfect model figure.
Lay: He looks like Aaron Yan! I think he is Chinese. Oh, he must be the dancing machine of EXO-M, love the way he dances.
Chen: Them high notes. And look at that Adam's apple.
Tao: Definitely Korean. He looks Korean enough.

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