Monday, November 10, 2014

About Luhan

Some of you might wonder why did I not rant about Luhan... Well, here I am. To be honest, I saw this coming. I am heart broken as well because Luhan is also one of my bias (it's hard to have only one bias in EXO). I saw this coming and I was fully prepared, unlike Kris, who was so sudden.

What really bottles my mind is that how can people call Kris a traitor while he filed a lawsuit but when Luhan left, people congratulate him? Some people said that it is because they have seen SM's true colours after Kris and Jessica incidence and I'm like hello...? How did you not see SM's true colour earlier? I mean don't get me wrong, to me, that company is a great, big, successful company but really? Ever since I knew about Hangeng's case, I have never trusted SM.

What I meant to say is that I support all of SM's artist, I just don't like the way SM is treating their idols.

But if you take a look at a different angle, you can see that maybe, SM went from bad to better. I mean that look at all those dating news from SNSD and Super Junior. Not to mention EXO and f(x). What I think is that SM is finally opening their doors to let their idols have more freedom but some of them took this chance to leave the company. Take JYJ and Hangeng as example. SM did not let JYJ perform on music stages for years. And look at Kris and Luhan now. Not only did they not ask for money, they did nothing except for going to court and stuff.

Getting off track now.... Back to Luhan.

I am glad that Luhan is healthy now. I saw pictures of him in a coffee shop and when he was attending his movie premier(??) and he definitely looked healthier. I've also heard that Luhan had refused a high pay job, to shoot a movie which the director/producer are willing to pay him. This really shows that Luhan is not someone who cares much about money, he's not money faced. But I really do hope that he would return one day, as an actor or a singer because damn that guy is handsome and talented. How could someone not love him?

One thing that I am sure of is that I would definitely miss him and his laugh. Those kind of laughs that he looks like he had just lost a screw to his jaw. I hope that one day he would meet up with Kris and maybe the two of them could have a collab?

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