Sunday, October 5, 2014

Which side of the story do you choose to believe?

I've been quiet for a while now, and all that I can say is that so much shit is happening in SM right now. First Kris, then Sulli and now Jessica. We all know the story to Kris's case, but why did Sulli halted her activities and why is Jessica dropped from the group? We fans can only guess because we really have no clue about what's happening behind those closed doors.

In Sulli's case, some said that she was stressed out and wanted to get some rest. Some said that she was ill and halt her activities due to health problems. The most ridiculous one that I've heard before is that she halts her activities as a protest for not letting her date Choiza. In my opinion, Sulli really is stressed out by all the netizens when they found out that she is dating Choiza and when you're stressed, who knows what happens to your body? Your body might go crazy and refuse to function at all. So Sulli having her activities to a halt is possibly the best choice for her, although it might be a little troublesome for her group, f(x), but the other girls didn't seemed too bothered by that either.

Now, the main focus of this whole rant is about Jessica. Why did SM suddenly dropped her out? Was she messing up GG's schedule? In my opinion, well, she did say that her priority was GG but was she really paying attention to GG that much now she had launch her fashion line "BLANC"? In SM's defence, they said that Jessica was even looking for school in New York already.

Here's the catch, Jessica actually did told SM that she would halt her activities after GG's next album. If she was already planning to leave after the next album, is looking for fashion school wrong now? Everybody does that kind of early planning, even I do. High school students begin to look for colleges and universities even way before their final exams so why not? SM even gave her the green light to go on with her fashion line, so why?

A lot of people blamed SM for their shitty management while some blamed Jessica herself, saying that she deserved it bla bla bla. Come on, for reals? I think both of them is to be blamed I mean like, for instance, Jessica probably put too much attention onto making BLANC a success, which I think is reasonable because it's her fashion line, while messing up the GG girls' schedule. And for SM, why couldn't they wait until GG's  next album and let Jessica halt her activities just as promised, not kicking her out without early notice. SM's actions not only caused their stocks to dropped, I'm pretty sure that they have gained "a few more" antis now. By a few more, I mean, ALL of Jessica's fans.

And now, Tyler Kwon. Many people said that he is to be blamed. He's the one who encouraged Jessica to invest a lot on BLANC and asked her to focus more onto it. Not to mention that rumour has it that he is Jessica's boyfriend, no wait, fiancé, but he denied marrying her. Me and my friend had discussed about this and she said that there is a high possibility that Tyler is using Jessica and he is not in love with her. Jessica on the other hand, might be in love with this guy. Well, like I said, it's just our opinion, it's not necessary the accurate truth. Tyler is known as a scandal maker while he's dating Gillian Chung.... Why did Jessica fall for him again?

Oh right, they met at Hong Kong during GG's tour and Jessica maxed out her credit card and Tyler came to the rescue? Oh okay.

Overall, to be honest, I think that SM has undergo a 360 degree change since Kim Young Min became the CEO and most of the idols cannot agree with most of the things. Then again, what do I know? It's not like I work in there or know any of them. Oh right, there's another rumour that Luhan might be quitting EXO. WTF IS WRONG WITH 2014? That's just a rumour though, I'm not sure and I hope that that doesn't happen, he's like one of my bias!  

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