Thursday, February 14, 2013

One Shot!

Yay! B.A.P's One Shot is finally out! And a lot of people don't really understand what it really means... So here's what I know about it.

It all started with this scene right? This is the key scene, it actually means that Youngjae and the other are enjoying a luxurious life after getting money from doing things together. 

Then someone came up and hit Jongup in the head(Ouch! That hurt!), and threw a pendrive at Yongguk... Seriously?? Who throws a pendrive? Geez... Moving on... Then they realise that those guy 'kidnapped' Yongjae and demand for a 100,000,000 dollar( Not sure if dollar or what, I forgot) ransom. Now come on! Yongjae is worth more than that! 

And then they start to plan where to get those money. And they stole it from a van which is magically full of money..?? Lol just joking, I think it's a van that suppose to transport money from a bank to the other place(??). Oh and we can also see that Daehyun and Jongup went to buy some guns at an underground station, which looks kinda creepy. 

And they went to save Yongjae. As we can see there are two endings, the first ending is actually what B.A.P think it would be. Everyone dies. The second one is the actual ending. Nobody dies but betrayed. Youngjae is actually a undercover cop that wants to capture the gangsters. And there's also another undercover cop in the gang that 'captures' Youngjae. So in the end both gang are captured. And umm.. Never give Jung Daehyun a gun... Or it may become something like this...

And thats what I know about this music video. And here are some macros for everyone. Lol...

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