Monday, December 1, 2014

B.A.P and What Happened.

First of all, before saying anything, I just want everyone to know that I am a huge fan of B.A.P. They are one of the boy groups that have led me into k-pop and I really respect them, especially Yongguk. To me, they are one of the legends that have made k-pop so popular nowadays.

If you're not into k-pop or B.A.P, you might not know that B.A.P have just filed a lawsuit to sue their company for slave contract. When I wrote B.A.P, I don't mean any one member of them, I mean all 6 of them. B.A.P have signed a 7 year contract with TS Entertainment and according to news that I've read, TS Entertainment had earned about 9.9 million from B.A.P but B.A.P only received payment that is less than that by a lot.

Here's a link to read a QnA from Dispatch to help you understand more about B.A.P's situation.

Not only that, Daehyun's ex vocal teacher had tweeted saying that Dispatch's report is the most realistic report ever. Here's what he have tweeted.

"During their 3 years, they [TS Entertainment] cut their [B.A.P] contact with the outside world, took their cellphones, and even when they were in their hometown doing a fan sign event, they [TS Entertainment] wouldn't even let them [B.A.P] see their parents for a few minutes. Even when they didn't have schedules and their parents came to see them, they wouldn't let them meet.
They [B.A.P] had their official break for the first time this year. Everything else was the manager or the chief letting them out for a day or two without telling the company.
Their parents kept saying ‘We have to talk to the company,’ but the members kept saying ‘We just have to concentrate on our music,’ and told their parents it’s okay. They kept getting IV lines and didn't even once complain before this.”
Soon after, he then tweeted another message supporting the boys that said “You can share what I've wrote, I actually want many people to share this. I’m ready to fight along side Daehyun.”"

I was quite shocked when I first heard the news but when I looked back, there are so many signs that B.A.P had shown us but we did not realize. Once there was a member who passed out during a performance and was sent to the hospital. When he was there, a staff went over and brought him back to go on the performance. Honestly, that really pissed me off. I've seen a lot of pictures of B.A.P members having oxygen tanks with them because they had trouble breathing due to tiredness.

And from what I know, B.A.P have delete all the conversation they've ever had with the outside world to prevent getting into trouble when the company checks their devices. Not only that, they have to memorize all their contact numbers to get in touch with their family. Apart from that, all those hospital fees, they were all paid by B.A.P and their parents themselves. They have to ask their parents for money even though they earn so much for the company.

One question, why did B.A.P's parents did not take action? Yes, they wanted to talk to the company but the six boys have stopped them. They have told their parents to trust the company and that everything will be fine.

In my opinion, if I had to choose between SM Entertainment and TS Entertainment, I would choose SM Ent. It's just my opinion. What about you guys? SM or TS? Which is better? Which is worse?


  1. Wow, I choose YG for life SM is still a bitch

  2. Is BAP still in the music industry? Or are they going to disband? Or join another company? I'm really curious because I recently found out about them and I really like their music so I was wondering what's going to happen?

    1. I'm quite sure that they are still looking for a company that is willing to accept them as a group of 6 members. In my opinion, a lot of entertainment companies don't dare to accept B.A.P due to the lawsuit that they have filed but I'm sure that they are working very hard to have a comeback.
      Besides, Zelo recently posted a song on Youtube and Daehyun too have been performing with his friends on the streets. Besides that the members are still meeting up every now and then so I'm pretty sure that they are not disbanding. :)

  3. so sad.. I am really fan of BAP.. When i got this new its really down me.. all their song touched my heart.. i really hope they can make their comeback and make new song.. i m really miss them :'(

  4. so sad.. I am really fan of BAP.. When i got this new its really down me.. all their song touched my heart.. i really hope they can make their comeback and make new song.. i m really miss them :'(

  5. I'm so glad they are back now. :) They were the first ever kpop group I've listened to and they are so talented. It would be a shame to see it go to waste.

  6. Thanks for letting us know
    I know B.A.P but I never followed up on them I mean I remember when they were so big and everyone talked about them and now you can't hear one word about B.A.P so I was curious if anything had happened to them

  7. Idk of this page is still active but it's 2018 and I'm just now getting into b.a.p and i love them! Please tell me they're still active????

    Please someone let me know!!! Here's my fb!