Saturday, May 17, 2014

Kris oppa, don't go. We love you.

Everyone by now should have known about Kris right? I was shocked when I got the news because I was away when everything happened and when I finally got my cellphone back, I instantly saw 3 friends that sent me the exact same thing, telling me that Kris might be leaving. And you guessed it, I brawled for a whole 15 minutes. Like literally brawled. Kris is my ultimate bias from the start. From the MAMA era till the Overdose era, and till forever.

I admit that I was dumb at first because I just brawled without looking at the other little things. I checked Instagram, Facebook, twitter and Weibo and well... I brawled longer and louder. Especially the post from the so called "Tao" and "Chanyeol" in Instagram and Weibo. And here comes the fan theories. About SM confiscated the members' phone and post all those things. I believed that and I know that both Tao and Chanyeol are the closest to Kris out of the other 11. They couldn't possibly write that right? I mean, they should know Kris well since they are so close and they have bonds like brothers.

And trust me when I say bond like brothers. Even if you said that they are just a group working together, we would never know if they are really close or whatever, try doing that, try working with a group of people for a long period of time and you'll know. I, for example, have been a brass band for almost 5 years and we really have special bonds with each other. In the beginning yes, I admit, I think that we're just a group of people working together to get benefits but the longer we're together, the closer we get. This is because we have been through everything together, like literally everything. Depression, anger, happiness, stupidity done together and so on. I've only been in the band for 5 years, and Kris? He has been with EXO for 7 years. That's not a very short period of time. For sure bonds would form and feelings, feelings exists.

I've spoken to my dad, who happens to have studied law a few years and back and he said that if Kris did not send a termination letter, but just filed a lawsuit, it doesn't mean that he is leaving. He is not terminating the contract. And as long as he wins the case, he is still a part of EXO. If not, I believe that SM would still want him back because hello, HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THE AMOUNT OF FANS THAT GALAXY FANFAN HAS? With Kris gone that would mean a disaster to EXO, to SM. Sales would drop, fans would start leaving the fandom and bla bla bla.

Apart from that, I am very, very, very touched that other fandoms like Cassies, ELFs and SONEs have come and supported us EXO stans. Not only that I saw on twitter a whole bunch of other fandoms like Shawols, Inspirits, BANA, Blackjacks, VIPs and a whole lot more fandoms are supporting us, helping us and are trying to calm us down. Cassies and ELFs know exactly how are we feeling right now. This is just history repeating all over again. I really appreciate all this, a fandom hug a what we need now.

Okay, now back to SM. Seriously SM? This is not the first time this is happening! Why aren't you guys changing at all? Slave contracts? Exploitation of the idols? What the heck man? And I believe that Kris, is not just all about himself, I believe that him, Kris Wu Yifan, or Kevin Li Jiaheng, is standing up for every member of EXO. He is the one that is brave enough to be doing this. So, Kris, I support you. And about the EXO members having an "unfollowing spree" on Instagram, I think that's bullshit. Baekhyun is the one holding on till the end. And what do you guys think? SM again? Or it's just the members' not being able to understand what their leader hyung just did?

But really, if things really go bad (please don't, no matter what please Kris, please.), I would still continue loving EXO and Kris no matter what. Kris has made his decision, so why not respect that? No matter he is Kris or Kevin, Wufan or Jiaheng, I would still love him no matter what. But keep in mind SM, EXO is 6+6=1, not 6+5=11. EXO is OT12, OT11 is just not right. 

"We Are One" is not just a fanchant, it's a promise. 

And now what we can really do is wait for the official statement of everything. Fingers crossed and I really hope that everything will be fine.


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