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Annyeong! It's been so long since I updated... Well maybe not that long.. Anyway... I've been busy reading and writing fanfics! I wrote one about B.A.P, Exo, and Infinite! Check it out if you're free!

You Were The Only One, My Only One. 


 This is so hard to write! I put too much character inside and find a very hard time giving them lines. Check it out by clicking here

Here's some preview from Chapter 7: Exam!

" Guys... It's freaking 6.45 in the morning? What the hell are you guys here so early?" I asked.

" Well, Kris insisted we come early so we get to study more...?" Baekhyun said.

" Okay fine. Come into my room." I said, leading them upstairs.

" Whoa, your room is awesome!" L said.

" Check out those books!" Kris said.

" Minhyun, don't you have any cosmetics or any nail polish here?" Hanjung asked.

" Where's the toilet? I need to go." Daehyun said.

" Stop!" I shouted. " You guys are giving me a headache. Now just keep calm and sit down. Daehyun, the toilet in over there." I said, pointing to the door. " Not that! Thats my closet! The other one."

" So ermm.... What shall we do now?" Kris asked.

" Well, we'll study one subject by one subject." I said. " Let's start with Maths." 

Everyone started asking questions non stop. And I have to answer them quickly. We were talking in at the top of our voices. And suddenly, the door blast opened.

The other one is: Always There For You.


This was hard to write too... I keep losing my ideas! Argghhh! This on the other hand doesn't have so 
many characters, so it's easier(?) to write...??? Anyway click here to check it out! 

And here's some preview from Chapter 5

" L! Oh gosh you almost scared me to death!" I said. He was smiling. 

" Sorry, just thought you might still be open." 

" Do you want some coffee?" She asked?

" No. Just walking by and saw the lights are still on. By the way, where are you going?" He asked.

" Oh, just going home."

" Then why are you dressed so pretty?"

" This? Just went to a sunbaenim's house. He organised a party for me."

" Party?"

" Yeah, it's my birthday today." I said.

" Oh!" And he looked at his watch. " Still 11.30 pm! Happy Birthday Jaelin!" He said.

" Thanks!"

" Sorry I don't have a present for you." He scratched his head, looked embarrassed.

" It's alright."

" What are you doing?" 

" Oh right! I was looking for some documents. Where did I put them?" 

" How does it look like?" He asked.

" I put it in a blue color file." I replied.

" Here it is!" He said handing it to me.

" What? Where was it?" I asked. How could he possibly found it so fast.

" Emm Jaelin. It was on the counter all the time." He laughed.

" Silly me.." I said, pouting.

" You going home alone? It's so late already." He asked.
Anyway enjoy reading them! And leave a comment if you feel like wanting to. But please don't be mean to me... Still learning here! 

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