Monday, June 4, 2012

K-Pop For My Two Week Holiday~~

Well.... Two weeks holiday is kinda "long~"... But.. No worries!! K-pop is all what I need!! XP Hmm... I'll choose two or more songs from all the K-pop groups I like~~

The first group! U-Kiss!! Of course is their new song Dora-Dora! It's great! With the "rotating" room.. LOL! With Kevin! Omo! He look so different! Eli~ I've melted! I miss the two ex-members... Alexander and Kibum... Second song~ Hmm... Man Man Hani!! Also.. Some variety shows of them! U-Kiss' Vampire and Chef Kiss! Walau.. Laugh till I die!! My favorite member is...... *drum solo* Kiseop!! Haha... He's nice and cute! XP

Next is SS501... Although they are no longer together but I still love them! Especially Snow Prince and Love Ya! And their funny show revealing their no make up face! Thank You For Waking Me Up! Well.... My favorite member is Kyujong! He's also quiet and obedient! >.<

Next is my first love... SHINee~ Ring Ding Dong is my first song of K-pop! Well I can't really choose the songs, because I love them all! Sherlock is their newest song! They have too many variety shows to choose from! But the one I like the most is SHINee Hello Baby! My favorite member is Minho! Don't know why... But I just like him!

Now is my favorite group!! MBLAQ!!! They are so cute and funny... Haha... My favorite song is This Is War... I love all theirs songs too.. If I choose, I'll choose Run as my second favorite song.. The choreography is just sooooo cool!! My favorite variety show of MBLAQ is MBLAQ Hello Baby and MBLAQ Sesame Player... Hahaha... I laugh till I'm rolling on the floor!! 

Other songs I like are Mirotic from DBSK, Fiction from Beast, Mama from EXO, You and I from IU! Holidays with K-pop is just so great! XP

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